Silver Sahara Newsletter - June 2021

Fish Ceramic Pottery Dishes

Silver Sahara Newsletter
-June 2021-

We are pleased to announce that Silver Sahara has been selected to exhibit in the Handmade Global Design area of the incredible wholesale market NYNOW:

 "The epitome of sustainability, Handmade® Global Design is a juried collection of ethically sourced products and quality craftsmanship that are handmade by global artisan workshops."

We are humbled and honored to be selected, and have been very busy drawing up plans and preparing for the big in person show this August. We're even working hard to get Silver Sahara's founder Mohamed El Fassi here from Morocco for the show, so please keep your positive vibes flowing for a successful travel visa request.

In other exciting news, we have made some amazing new artisan partnerships in Fes, Morocco, which has allowed us to greatly expand our line of offerings. Working with master Zellige tile artists, we now offer a plethora of Mosaic Tile Tables, gorgeous Fountains, and even just single tiles for use as backsplashes and other design elements.

We also added lots of high quality Moroccan Lamps and Brass Fixtures from Fes, which we quite enamored with. Such beautiful work! And of course, the Moroccan Pottery we've discovered is just exquisite. It's entirely handmade and handpainted, a vibrant addition to your summer table.

Silver Hamsa Charms

From Southern Morocco, we have a batch of new items from Mohamed in Zagora, where he has been sequestered during the pandemic. A FULL 70% of purchases of these particular items go directly back into this area, which truly needs all the help it can get. True to our name, we have a lot of new silver, with a dazzling array of new Hamsa hand pendants to bring you good luck and protection (something we all need a lot of these days). Guess my favorite Hamsa from our collection and win a special prize!

Southern Morocco also brings us our absolute bestseller, the ubiquitous blue Tuareg Scarf. These are so popular that we are actually working with a Japanese television show to create a special feature on them! I recently learned that not all Tuareg wear the blue scarves -- there are actually many different colors, each denoting a different tribe. Along with the Tuareg Djellaba, these scarves have been flying off the shelves.

Finally, Mohamed discovered a great collection of Vintage Tuareg Mats -- made to withstand harsh desert winds and sand, these durable mats are made in extra large sizes and are a nice alternative to a traditional rug, especially in the summer.

 As always, thank you so much for your support of Silver Sahara, and for allowing us to continue our mission of ensuring the continuation and worldwide appreciation of indigenous traditional craft techniques. 


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