How does Silver Sahara support indigenous Moroccan artisans?

We source nearly all our products directly from the artisans and craftsmen who create them. With every purchase you make, you can be assured that the creator has been paid a fair market price for their product. You may also notice that many of our items come from the Zagora province and the town of Amazraou, which is Mohamed’s hometown (read more about our story here). We reinvest our profits (as much as 70%!) in this talented and unique artisan’s community.

In addition, we partner with amazing non-profits such as the Moroccan Library Project to support fundraising and expand installations of Little Free Libraries in Morocco. We are currently in the process of developing the Sustainable Art Alliance, which will work under a non-profit umbrella to provide artisans with technological access and education, and support the recognition and continuation of traditionally made indigenous arts and crafts. 

Moroccan & Tuareg Djellabas & Scarves:

Our djellabas & scarves are one-of-a-kind handmade items; please allow for minor imperfections and the occasional loose thread. Made by members of our Silver Sahara family in Zagora, Morocco, these styles of djellaba are hallmarks of Southern Morocco and the Sahara Desert. Scarves and Tuareg djellaba are sourced directly from Tuareg descendants in the Sahara Desert. Although quite durable, we recommend gently hand-washing and hang-drying for best results.

Please note that Tuareg djellabas are made of coated cotton, which imparts a stiffness to the material (to protect from the harsh desert sands!). The material will soften over time with repeated washings.

Antique and Vintage Items:

Vintage and antique items have been discovered in areas throughout Morocco and have been hand-selected for their unique and exceptional nature. While we strive for great accuracy in our descriptions, please keep in mind that dates are approximate. Most items have been gently cleaned to remove surface detritus unless otherwise noted. 

Carpet & Blanket Care: 

The carpets are very durable, but do take care to clean. Spot clean with a gentle detergent, and do not ever use harsh cleansers like bleach. Wool carpets can be vacuumed. Boucharweit carpets may be washed in the gentle cycle of the washing machine. Blankets may be dry cleaned and carpets professionally cleaned. In Morocco, rugs are often cleaned in a river, and hung to dry on the bridge.

Do you offer items for wholesale or trade discounts?

Yes, we offer many items at wholesale cost upon approval. Trade discounts, as much as 30%, are also available to interior designers. Contact us to learn more.

When will I receive my Pre-Ordered Item?

We will contact you shortly after your order is placed to let you know when to expect your shipment. We receive shipments from Morocco about every 10-12 weeks, depending on demand. Expedited shipping of your item directly from Morocco is available - contact us to learn more.

Do you send free samples in exchange for reviews?

Unfortunately, no. But we very much appreciate your interest!

Do you lend items for magazine shoots, etc?

We are happy to discuss this possibility. Please Contact us to learn more.

Are my donations tax deductible?

At this time donations and charitable contributions made at checkout are not tax-deductible. However, if you are interested in making a larger gift, we can accept these through the non-profit Oliveseed Foundation. Please email us to discuss. 

Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we are happy to ship worldwide. Please review our international shipping policy, and Contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Your privacy is important to us. We do not share or sell email addresses.