Very Long Moroccan Berber Dark Amber Copal Beaded Necklace Necklace

Very Long Moroccan Berber Beaded Necklace - Dark Amber Copal

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An exceptionally long amber copal necklace from Morocco. Over three feet long, this Moroccan Berber necklace features beautiful dark orange copal beads of varying shades, decreasing in size from the center. The cord is made of a plethora of wool strings, knotted at the top. Lovely for display or for wear. About 20 years old.

Berber traditionally wear these stunning Moroccan necklaces at weddings and feasts. Very eye-catching and unique. Outstanding for display or for wearing. Proceeds from the sale will directly benefit artist and his family. Additional photos or information available on request.

Details & Dimensions

Copal Resin Beads
Length of largest bead: 10cm. (4in)
Total Length: 100cm. (39in)

This item ships from Morocco.

All sales on Silver Sahara abide by fair trade principles, and benefit the native artisans to help ensure continuation of traditional craft techniques.

Handmade; please allow for minor imperfections and design variations. Please inquire with any questions or for more pictures.