Early 20th Century Moroccan Jewish Door Knocker With Menorah & Old Coins Home Decor

Vintage Moroccan Jewish Door Knocker with Menorah & Old Coins

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Preserved in excellent condition, this Moroccan Jewish Door Knocker is made of beautiful, richly colored hand carved Tamarisk wood. Directly underneath the knocker is a cut brass menorah, with two Moroccan coins on each side dated Islamic year 1331 (1912).

There is another antique coin above the knocker, and the knocker itself is engraved and attached to a lovely raised sun-shaped piece of metal. This Moroccan door knocker is further adorned by engraved camel bone, stained with natural henna. Large brass rivets enhance the shape of the knocker, which mimics a traditional Moroccan door. The back features a hook for easy hanging.

This important historical item dates from a time when there were many Jewish areas of Morocco, long before the large migration of Jews to Israel in the early 1960s. It was found in an abandoned Jewish casbah in southern Morocco. Weighs 2lbs 11oz.

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14in tall
8in wide
3in thick