Moroccan Pattern Zipper Bag - Eve Branson Foundation Collection Bags & Purses

Moroccan Pattern Zipper Bag - Eve Branson Foundation Collection

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Pretty and versatile, multi-tasking zip-up cloth Moroccan bags, 20x25cm, hand made from jewel-hued Moroccan fabric, and lined with cotton. Machine washable. Made by the women of Tansghart Centre in Morocco's Atlas Mountains.

Silver Sahara has joined forces with the Eve Branson Foundation, a non-profit based in Morocco spearheaded by Richard Branson's mum, Eve Branson. The EBF mission is to provide young people with valuable skills-training through dedicated craft centers and to preserve traditional Berber crafts, enriching the lives of local families from Atlas Mountain communities. 

In the three EBF craft centers, artisans create beautiful lifestyle and home interior products, combining contemporary Moroccan design with traditional techniques. Each product is individually handmade by an artisan.

Details & Dimensions

Sold separately

20x25cm (8in x 10in)

Handmade in Morocco.

When you purchase an item from the Eve Branson Foundation Collection, 70% of the purchase price goes directly to the Eve Branson Foundation to support our shared vision of ensuring the continuation and worldwide appreciation of indigenous traditional craft techniques.