Handmade Tuareg Pendant Necklace - Silver & Ebony Fish Necklace

Handmade Tuareg Pendant Necklace - Silver & Ebony Fish

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This unique Tuareg pendant necklace is made from engraved silver with an interesting twist on the trademark stacked ebony and silver style the Tuareg are known for. The beads are onyx with silver tube and square bead spacers. The design is like a fish with a hinged tail. Entirely handmade by Tuareg artisan. We source these directly from the artisan.

Coin Silver
Ebony wood
Pendant measures 8cm (3in) long, 4.5cm (1.5in) wide 
Necklace length 44cm (17in) 

The Tuareg are traditionally independent nomadic herders, crossing the southern Sahara desert by camel. Influential in the spread of Islam, they produce no masks or figures--prohibited in Islamic society--but instead create an impressive world of traditional, abstract, beautiful, functional objects of leather, wood and metal.

Tuareg jewelry is often characterized by the use large stones and distinctive etched patterns in elaborate silver work. Tuareg designs carry rich symbolism and meaning, often including elements of the night sky which guide them on their night time journeys through the desert. Each carefully etched line in Tuareg jewelry represents an important creature in tribal life, both human and animal.

All sales on Silver Sahara benefit the native artisans and help to ensure continuation of traditional craft techniques.