Moroccan Flatweave Wool Golaoui Throw Rug - 2ft x 3ft Sun & Sand Home Decor

Moroccan Throw Rug - Flatweave Wool Golaoui - 2ft x 3ft Sun & Sand

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A small Moroccan throw rug with many uses. This smaller size Moroccan Golaoui rug is an affordable entry into the world of high quality artisanal rugs. Golaoui rugs are comprised of three main repeating motifs, representational of the geographic area they represent. The carpets are made with natural wool from the local sheep. The dyes are all natural, the hallmark of which is is the ability to be washed without having the colors run, a sign of a truly well made and valuable Moroccan rug. 

Depending on the size of the rug, it can take weeks to create. These flatweave Moroccan carpets are tightly wove and durable. This type of carpet has been made in this region of Morocco for centuries and is very unique to this particular geographic area.

Sourced directly from a cooperative in the southern Moroccan town of Taznakht, Morocco. Made of handspun sheep wool and natural cotton. Handmade by native female Moroccan weavers.

Details & Dimensions

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105cm long (3.4ft)
74cm wide (2.4ft)

All sales on Silver Sahara benefit the native artisans and help to ensure continuation of traditional craft techniques.

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