Vintage Moroccan Tuareg Hand Crank Coffee Grinder - Carved Wood & Gemstones Home Decor

Vintage Tuareg Manual Burr Coffee Grinder - Carved Wood & Gemstones

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A truly unique find! This vintage hand-crank Tuareg coffee grinder is made of hand-carved tamarisk wood, with copper, brass and silver melange decoration. Hand engraved metal embellishment adds further beauty, with gemstones on each side, including malachite. Entirely handmade, this grinder was used by southern Morocco Tuareg nomads while traveling and crossing the African Sahara desert. We sourced the item from Zagora, Morocco, where the item has been handed down through generations. We have never seen another one like it.

The front of the Tuareg grinder has a small removable drawer scoop, with a hand-carved wooden drawer pull. Two sides of the grinder have set gemstones of amazonite, and the back features a large silver melange circle design with another large piece of malachite set in the middle.

The base is silver metal. One side of the lid opens, and the brass handle turns easily. There is wear and rust from past use.

Used for grinding coffee or spices, this objet d'art is still fully functional. Entirely handmade by native Moroccan Tuareg artisans. It is early to mid 20th century, passed down through families.

Details & Dimensions

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coin silver
39cm tall (15in)
14cm wide (5.5in)

Early/Mid 20th century
approx. 1830g (4lbs)

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