The Amazing Berber Rugs of Algeria

While often overshadowed by the rugs of their neighbor to the west, Morocco, Algerian Rugs have a unique beauty all their own, and are especially appealing for their high quality wool, tight and durable weave, and versatility. Silver Sahara sources our Algerian Berber rugs directly from the artisan Hocine Bazine, whose family has been weaving in this style for many centuries. Bazine is  based in the heart of Algeria, in the deep south city of Ghardaia, also known as the “Pearl of Oasis”. Ghardaia is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home of the native Amazigh (Berber) Tribe, the Beni M'zab.

Algerian Berber Rug

Bazine inherited the art and knowledge of weaving rugs from his Berber ancestors, and it was and is still today the main source of income for families in this region of Algeria. Weaving rugs is not only a passion, but it provides job opportunities for many families in the city of Ghardaia and keeps their unique culture and legacy alive.

“Since my childhood I adored weaving Berber rugs and I started learning the basics from my grandmother, starting from wool (short, rather rough or rather thin, long and lustrous, and it depends on district in which sheep graze, and parts from which the wool is sheared,” Bazine tells Silver Sahara. 

Algerian Berber Prayer Rug

The natural, colourful undyed wool in its various shades range from white up to yellow, from brown and grey up to black, and all colors are frequently used in the weaving. In addition to the making of fibres, the artisans arrange lines on their traditional hand-loom, and are masters of the Berber knotting pattern (the Berber Knot).

Bazine’s work in the region is helping many families to alleviate poverty by offering them a sustainable source for living. This, in addition to keeping his culture and tribal legacy alive, motivates Bazine to work more and more. Having the rugs recognized and appreciated on a global scale has further encouraged Bazine to save his heritage and the survival of this noble art.

Antique Berber Rug from Algeria

Silver Sahara’s authentic Algerian Berber hand-woven rugs are of high quality and are made with 100% sheep’s wool and pearl cotton fibers. The hand-woven rugs are not mixed with polyester, plastic, or other fiber, which can sometimes be the case in the proliferation of North African rugs in the world marketplace.

Bazine’s “Berber Knots of Love” produce uniquely designed rugs that are suitable for living rooms, hallways, entryways, and bedrooms and hanging on the wall. From contemporary to bohemian chic, these one of a kind Algerian Berber rugs will surely add a beautiful touch to your space.

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