Authentic 18th Century Islamic Hanging Celestial Sphere Armillary Home Decor

Authentic 18th Century Islamic Hanging Celestial Sphere Armillary

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Spectacular antique Islamic Bronze Hanging Celestial Globe is a truly unique find, discovered in the ruins of an old Jewish kasbah in southern Morocco, along with other bronze items from the same era. While the date is approximate, a somewhat similar celestial globe in the British museum is attributed to Hadi Isfahani with a date of 1197 AH/ 1782-3 AD, as well as a globe celestial globe attributable to Diya†al-Din Muhammad bin Qaâ€im Muhammad bin Mulla Isa bin Shaykh Alladad Asturlabi Humayuni Lahuri from the mid 1660s. The bronze globe is hollow and has been cast in one piece.

With rudimentary astrological constellations depicted by mythical beasts and figures, graduated equatorial and ecliptic, axis through the celestial poles. Much akin to an astrolabe, the celestial globe was used as a tool for direction as well as for decoration. The writing on the globe is possibly Egyptian or an Arabian dialect.

This bronze globe served both as a map of the heavens, as viewed from outside the Earth, and as a precision tool for making astronomical calculations. Engraved on its surface are various coordinate lines, constellation figures, and inscriptions. While celestial globes from India can sometimes still be found, this Islamic Celestial Globe is an extremely rare find and in very good condition for its age.

26cm long x 17cm wide