Extra Large Vintage Tuareg Reed Mat Rug - Eyes rug

Extra Large Vintage Tuareg Reed Mat Rug - Eyes

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Our vintage Tuareg Mats are hand-woven with native African palm reed and camel or goat leather trim. The designs are both decorative and symbolic, with motifs that have been used for colors are made from natural dyes, using saffron, mint, indigo, and other natural plants.

  • Size: 4.84m x 2.1m (15.88ft x 8.2ft)
  • Sourced from Mauritania
  • Materials: natural reed, leather
  • Tribe: Tuareg of Mauritania
  • Wear consistent with use and age
  • Ships directly from Morocco

Our Tuareg mats have been sourced directly from a Tuareg tribal family in Mauritania who travel through the desert to Zagora at the edge of the Moroccan Sahara. The natural reed mats are made by women of the tribe, and are made for use in the extreme Sahara Desert conditions. While extremely durable, these mats are handmade and more than 20 years old; please allow for occasional wear and discoloration.

Traditionally nomadic, the Tuareg are an indigenous tribe native to the Sahara Desert. Often called the "Blue Men of the Desert", Tuareg are renowned for their blue skin, which comes from years of wearing their signature indigo-dyed Tagelmust scarves. The indigo protects their skin from the harsh desert sun and wind. 

The Tuareg originate from Mali, Algeria, Libya and some fringe areas, but after travelling the Sahara Desert, a small group settled in the southern Moroccan Zagora province (including Mohamed's home town of Amazraou). Silver Sahara sources all our Tuareg items directly from Tuareg traders and descendants of the original settlers, ensuring that fair prices are paid to benefit the entire tribe.