Vintage Copal Resin & Shell Moroccan Beaded Pendant Necklace Necklace

Vintage Moroccan Beaded Pendant Necklace - Copal Resin & Shell

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This beautiful Moroccan Tribal Necklace is full of stones and beads too numerous to detail! Very large Amber Resin Copal stone in center, surrounded by shells, additional copal beads, teal cast glass beads, and ebony and silver beads. The necklace then divides into four smaller strands, packed with coral, amber, lapis lazuli, silver, onyx, amazonite, and more. Traditional yarn tie.

This item is very old and comes directly from the Moroccan family who made it. Berber wear these stunning necklaces at weddings and feasts. Very eye-catching and unique. Proceeds from the sale will directly benefit artist and his family. 
Total length of beaded area: 45cm
Total length of necklace: 65cm
Center bead measures 3.5cm wide x 5cm long
Total weight: 7oz (190g)