Large Antique Morocco Berber Tagemout Beaded Necklace - Silver, Enamel, Amber, Copal, Coin Necklace

Large Antique Morocco Berber Tagemout Beaded Necklace - Silver, Enamel, Amber, Copal, Coin

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Handmade artisan pendant necklace from Morocco. Made in the southern desert town of Zagora, this necklace has many precious beads including coral, glass, amber copal resin, shells, onyx, and more. Numerous silver charms & hamsa hand of fatima good luck symbols, an antique Moroccan Franc coin dating from 1902, Moroccan dirham coins from the 1970s, a Spanish coin from 1975, a French franc from the 1970s, even an American quarter from 1981 (definitely a replacement or repair).
The main pendant is a fantastic handmade enamel Tagemout egg bead, with two additional smaller Tagemout egg beads on each side. Tagemout are fertility symbols and also provided women with economic security, as they could be sold in times of need. The artisan solders filigree wire onto the surface to create linear year and circular patterns, then fills the patterns with enamel from melted glass beads. Cord is made of camel hair and mixed fabrics.
This item is about 40 years old (although the tagemout are likely far older) and comes directly from the Moroccan family who made it. Berber wear these stunning necklaces at weddings and feasts. Very eye-catching and unique. Outstanding for display or for wearing. Proceeds from the sale will directly benefit artist and his family. Additional photos or information available on request.
Length of beaded area: 53cm.
Total Length: 99cm.
Large Taguemout Egg measures 6cm. across, 4cm. down (not including attached coins)
Small Taguemout Eggs measure 4cm across, 3.5cm. down
Total weight: 13oz
So many treasures on this necklace -- truly a MUSEUM QUALITY piece.