Incredible Hand Carved Moroccan Wood Front Double Door - Inlaid Bone, Hamsa Hands - Wrought Iron Bolt - Reclaimed Cedar - Vintage Home Decor

Incredible Vintage Hand Carved Wood Moroccan Double Door - Inlaid Bone, Hamsa Hands

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This heavy wood door was handmade in a family Cooperative in the southern Moroccan town of Zagora. Hand carved from the fragrant wood of the Tamarisk tree 100-200 years ago, this expertly crafted door has been refinished in the traditional ornate Moroccan style.

This door can be used as a double-door, where both the main door and the smaller door are functional, or it can be installed where only the smaller door is functional with the rest creating a frame. The carving is extensive, recreating traditional tattoo symbols of the Berber, the native inhabitants of Morocco. Symbols include Zed "the free man", crops and abundance, fertility and more. Also included are shapes representing Islamic mosques as well as hamsa "Hand of Fatima" for protection against the evil eye. Adding to the door's beauty is inlaid camel bone, floridly decorated using henna to permanently dye the bone.

Shiny brass rivets on the door are extensive, giving further protection from evil forces. The latch, door handle, and door knocker are all hand forged from wrought iron.

Tamarisk wood, also known as salt cedar, ages beautifully. The variances in grain and staining create a beautiful contrast and add further visual excitement to this exquisite piece.

This item was handmade in a Tuareg cooperative in Zagora, Morocco, using techniques passed down through many generations. This particular door is collaboration between a father, the silversmith; and his son, the carpenter. These are truly the finest doors you will find in all of Morocco.

Details & Dimensions

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Weighs about 40kg.

175cm tall (69in)
100cm wide (40in)
6cm thick (2.5in)

Handmade item

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