Tagelmust Tuareg Indigo Blue Scarf - 7ft Dark Wash Clothing & Shoes

Long Tuareg Blue Cotton Scarf - 7ft Dark Indigo Dye Tagelmust

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  • Long Indigo Blue Tuareg Scarf - Dark Blue with very dark blue/black ends
  • Authentic handmade turban of the Sahara known as the Tagelmust
  • Over 7ft long
  • Sourced directly from Tuareg craftsmen
  • Cotton with all-natural dye

This hand-dyed Tuareg tagelmust is the ubiquitous dip-dyed indigo blue and over 7 feet long. The color will not fade, even with repeated washings.

Handmade using natural dyes, please allow for slight imperfections. These scarves are sourced directly from the maker in the southern Morocco desert town of Zagora.

Hand dyed indigo blue Tuareg scarves are the hallmark of the "Blue Men" of the Sahara desert. These are made of very light "hayati" (cotton) fabric, are hand dyed to show a darker color on each end. They are often worn in multi-layers to protect against sun and sand as Tuareg travel the desert.

For women and men. Very soft hand woven cotton that gets softer with every wash. The Tagelmust Scarf is worn on the head and around the neck. Also wonderful over the shoulders for warmth or as a light cover-up.

Details & Dimensions

Approx. 85" long x 32" wide
Hand wash
Handmade with natural variances

These are "half" scarves - XL 14ft. scarves also available!

You can learn more interesting information about Tuareg clothing (including how to tie a tagelmust!) on the scholarly website IMUHAR

All sales on Silver Sahara abide by fair trade principles, and benefit the native artisans to help ensure continuation of traditional craft techniques.

Handmade; please allow for minor imperfections and design variations. Please inquire with any questions or for more pictures.