Tuareg Clothing - Long Sleeve Blue Damask Djellaba Mens Kaftan Kaftans

Tuareg Clothing - Long Sleeve Blue Damask Djellaba Mens Kaftan

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This long sleeve Tuareg kaftan comes directly from the Moroccan family who made it in the Sahara desert. Very eye-catching, regal and unique. The Tuareg kaftan is entirely hand-embroidered, with a pocket in the front and slit open pockets on the side to access clothing underneath. The fabric is a heavier-weight cotton, with a beautiful, subtle damask pattern. Difficult to find in this long-sleeve style.

These blue Tuareg djellaba kaftans are the traditional clothing of the nomadic Tuareg of the Sahara Desert in Morocco, Niger, Mali, Algeria and beyond. Typically worn by men, it is suitable for man or woman. Midweight and made to repel sand, this makes for a great beach cover-up, for relaxing in the hot summer, or for anytime!

Details & Dimensions

One size fits most on the taller side - about 56" long. Approx. 56in long, 26in wide, 61in sleeve to sleeve span.

Dark blue cotton, satiny finish.

Short sleeve options also available.

This item is handmade, please allow for minor imperfections. Wash gently. The fabric is a coated cotton, which the Tuareg use to repel sand in the Sahara. Over time this coating does wear off and the fabric softens. 

You can learn more interesting information about Tuareg clothing on the scholarly website IMUHAR:

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