Vintage Chased Silver & Copper Moroccan Dagger (Khoumya) Collectible Knives

Vintage Chased Silver & Copper Moroccan Dagger (Khoumya)

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This impressive knife is long and narrow, with a slight curve at the tip. An intricate design has been chased into the silver alloy, with copper accents and an ebony handle. The blade is dull for display, but can be sharpened if desired. Even the back of the knife has a simple design engraved, beautiful for display.

The koummya is the characteristic traditional dagger of the Berber and Arabic peoples of Morocco. Stone classifies these as being one localized variant of the Arabic jambiya, and the contoured handles, curved double-edged blades and exaggeratedly upturned scabbard tips are all features consistent with such an interpretation.

Traditionally, the koummya is worn visibly on the left hip, with the scabbard tip forward. It is suspended by a long woolen baldric, attached at either end to one of the two scabbard rings, and worn crossing in front and back of the torso and over the right shoulder. (Source:

Handmade by native Moroccan craftsmen. A very cool addition to your collection or display.

measures 27cm long, 5cm wide (10.5in, 1.75in)
13cm blade (5in)