Vintage Moroccan Salt Cedar Storage Box with Lid Home Decor

Vintage Moroccan Salt Cedar Storage Box with Lid

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Admit it, you’ve already fallen instantly in love with this Moroccan box! This eye-catching storage box was once used to store and transport eggs. Made in southern Morocco, the wood is sturdy tamarisk cedar with silver and brass repousse and antique coins.

The top of the box slides out, with a raised handle in the middle featuring silver repousse. Strategically placed rivets add further visual excitement.

Once slid open, the box reveals a half dozen circles, each about 3cm in diameter. However, this could easily be removed to make the box more versatile. This entirely handmade item is an wonderfully stunning and a fantastic conversation piece. This box was sourced from the southern Morocco desert town of Zagora, and the coins date the item from the early 20th century.

20cm wide
23cm long
17cm tall

This item ships directly from Morocco.