Vintage Moroccan Camel Bone Sandok Chest

Vintage Moroccan Camel Bone Sandok Chest

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You’ll want to save your most precious treasures for this vintage Moroccan chest. This vintage Moroccan chest was once used as a dowry gift, filled with jewelry and fine fabrics and presented from a man to his future bride. Made almost entirely of camel bone, the chest is lined in brown leather, with copper repousse creating geometric designs and borders.

Made entirely of handcut camel bone, this small Moroccan chest is called a sandok. This chest is quite old and has been passed down through generations of Berber tribesman. These smaller chests would typically be filled with jewelry to ensure a wife's economic security.

This item shows some wear and should be handled with care. There is a break in the copper near the hinge on the back that creates slight movement to the lid, although it is still securely attached.

Sourced directly from the southern Morocco town of Zagora.

9.5” tall x 14in long x 7.5” wide

Weighs 10lbs.

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