Antique Tuareg Leather Camel Bag with Mirror Bags & Purses

Antique Tuareg Leather Camel Bag with Mirror

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This fantastic antique Tuareg leather camel bag is more than 100 years old. Extensive hand-cut fringe, hand-carved leather, and hand-painted details. A mirror in the middle makes this bag a real standout piece.

These bags would hang on the side of the camel on travels across the Sahara Desert. Our bag comes from Amezrou, Morocco, the door to the Sahara. A common rest stop for Tuareg traders who crossed the desert on the way to Marrakech, Amezrou is home to many Tuareg descendants who settled in the town and mixed with the local Amazigh (Berbere) population.

The Tuareg are traditionally independent nomadic herders, crossing the Sahara desert by camel. Influential in the spread of Islam, they produce no masks or figures--prohibited in Islamic society--but instead create an impressive world of traditional, abstract, beautiful, functional objects of leather, wood and metal.

This bag is entirely handmade using natural leather and organic paint materials. Absolutely one of a kind and authentic. Includes original stick which makes for easy display.

88 x 49cm (approx 35 x 19in)

All sales on Silver Sahara benefit the native artisans and help to ensure continuation of traditional craft techniques.

This item ships securely direct from Morocco.