Vintage Tuareg Inlaid Copper & Silver Wire Bone Bracelet Bracelet

Vintage Tuareg Bone Bracelet - Inlaid Copper & Silver Wire

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An unusual find, this vintage Tuareg bracelet is made out of repurposed bone, inlaid with fine copper and silver wire designs. Very classy, suitable for a man or woman. 

  • Materials: vintage camel bone, copper, sterling silver
  • Size: 25cm circumference (9.8in), 7.5cm across (3in), opening 4cm (1.6in)
  • Tribe: Tuareg

Our Tuareg jewelry is sourced directly from Tuareg tribal families in Mali and Algeria. The jewelry is made by both men and women of the tribe, and commonly uses materials at hand, including recycled camel bone, gazelle and goat horn, and silver from the earth. Designs are hand-hammered, with timeless symbols and motifs carefully tapped out.

Handmade Tuareg bracelet; please allow for minor imperfections. Please inquire with any questions or for more pictures.

More Information

Traditionally nomadic, the Tuareg are an indigenous tribe native to the Sahara Desert. Often called the "Blue Men of the Desert", Tuareg are renowned for their blue skin, which comes from years of wearing their signature indigo-dyed Tagelmust scarves. The indigo protects their skin from the harsh desert sun and wind. 

The Tuareg originate from Mali, Algeria, Libya and some fringe areas, but after travelling the Sahara Desert, a small group settled in the southern Moroccan Zagora province (including Mohamed's home town of Amazraou). Silver Sahara sources all our Tuareg items directly from Tuareg traders and descendants of the original settlers, ensuring that fair prices are paid to benefit the entire tribe.