Wide Vintage Amazigh Moroccan Cuff Bracelet with Carnelian Jewelry

Wide Vintage Moroccan Cuff Bracelet - Amazigh Zed Symbol with Red Carnelian

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This vintage bracelet features a large red carnelian stone in the center, with two big engraved Amazigh Zed designs inlaid on both sides. Very nice engraving in the silver melange, with bands of copper on each side. Bracelet wider in center, gently tapering on the sides. Slightly adjustable. Complimentary bracelet with Berber hamsa design also available.

Handmade in Morocco by Berber artisan in the Sahara. Sourced directly from the artist. 

All sales on Silver Sahara benefit the native artisans and help to ensure continuation of traditional craft techniques.

One of a kind handmade item.

3cm wide (1.2in)
19.5cm circumference (7.7in)
6cm across (2.4in)
2.5cm opening (1in)