Huge Moroccan Green Tamegroute Pottery Pedestal Platter - 22” Shallow Footed Bowl Tableware

Huge Moroccan Green Tamegroute Pottery Pedestal Platter - 22in Shallow Footed Bowl

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This immense raised platter measures 22-25" diameter, with a 3-5" tall pedestal. Stunning in any setting. 

This beautiful pottery is handmade in Tamegroute, a small village in the Draa Valley of southern Morocco. The spectacular green pottery gets its color from naturally occurring copper in the clay and a magnesium-based glaze. The unique glazing technique has been passed down through generations and each piece is handmade and truly unique.

Due to the nature of this product, no two pieces of pottery are the same. In the ovens the pieces are stacked together, which create little scars during separation. Each piece is different with its own imperfections. The color and shape is never exactly the same.

Tamegroute, Morocco is the only place in the world to find this handmade pottery! 

This item is handmade, please allow for minor imperfections. Hand wash.

(Bowl pictured for display purposes only; actual bowl may vary slightly. If desired, we can send you options to select from, please email.)

This item ships carefully packaged directly from Morocco.