Huge Vintage Handmade Hamsa Fatima Hand Judaica Decoration Home Decor

Huge 5ft Vintage Handmade Hamsa Fatima Hand Judaica Decoration

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From deep in southern Morocco comes this astounding vintage Hamsa hand decoration. Nearly FIVE FEET tall, this huge wooden Hamsa is completely handmade and hand decorated in copper, brass, and silver metals. 

Handmade by native Moroccan Jewish artists in the early 20th century, this Hamsa hand is replete with Jewish symbolism. A Star of David with a hanging hamsa shape sit atop the shape of a menorah, all hand-engraved and with hand-hammered repousse. The menorah is decorated with a cowrie bead, turquoise, onyx and carnelian. 

Two fishes representing abundance flank each side of the menorah. On each of the fingers are old coins, with additional ornate shapes in brass and silver metals on the two outside fingers, spelling Shalom, and a silver menorah on the center finger. 

The entire sculpture is mesmerizing, with every inch of the piece featuring detailed scrollwork and embellishment. 

144/70/6 (56.7in x 27.6 x 2.4)