Vintage Moroccan Silver Hammam Bucket With Hamsa Design Home Decor

Vintage Moroccan Silver Hammam Bucket With Hamsa Design

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This gorgeous antique silver Moroccan bucket was once used for water in a traditional hammam bath. Entirely handmade, the bucket is an objet d’art, with repousse, punched metal and metal beading. On each side there is a large engraved metal Hamsa, a symbol of protection and good fortune. Two Hamsa are burnished copper; the other two are a burnished silver melange, as is the bucket itself. Three hand-formed silver feet keep the bucket off the ground. The sturdy metal handle stays up or down, depending on your preference.

The bucket was originally created in the southern Moroccan town of Zagora, once a common trade route stop for those traveling through the Sahara desert.

A very unique collector's item and conversation piece, this item would look fantastic in a bathroom filled with rolled towels, as a striking wastebasket, as a planter, or for general storage.

Weighs 2lbs, 9oz.