Moroccan Multi-Strand Coral Necklace Necklace

Moroccan Multi-Strand Coral Necklace

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This museum-quality necklace is a true find. Large pieces of true coral are interspersed with antique coins and silver beads. Other beads include tiger's eye, desert stone, amber and more. Two strands meet on sides with beautifully decorated triangular silver beads. Entirely handmade, with hand-formed beads. Traditional yarn tie.

length of beaded area: 41cm
total necklace length: 82cm
Coral pieces range from 2cm-4cm

Total weight 98.9g

This item is very old and comes directly from the Moroccan family who made it. Berber Tuareg wear these stunning necklaces at weddings and feasts. Very eye-catching and unique. Proceeds from the sale will directly benefit artist and his family.