Vintage Moroccan Silver Hamsa & Fibula Wall Decor Home Decor

Vintage Moroccan Silver Hamsa & Fibula Wall Decor

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More than 50 years old, this etched silver melange Hand of Fatima was discovered in the southern Morocco town of Zagora. A joining of two powerful Moroccan images, the fibulae on top and Hand of Fatima on bottom, this intricately etched wall hanging is entirely hand-forged.

Each large shape is decorated with sizable round gemstones of turquoise, lapis lazuli and faux coral. A stylized human hand, the hand of Fatima is said to represent Muhhamad's daughter Fatima, although some say it pre-dates Islam. The most common motif in Morocco, it offers protection again the evil eye. This protective amulet represents blessings, power, and strength. The symbolism of the hand raised, palm outwards is to repel any threatened evil.

Fibulae are beautiful women's brooches, shaped like an upside-down triangle and often ornately etched and decorated. They indicative of a woman's status (the larger the fibulae, the more important the woman) and also serve to hold her mantle (or cloak) in place.

Hook on back for easy hanging.

21.5in long 7in wide 0.75in thick