Box Moroccan Mint Green Tea - 200g Loose Leaf Base Tea

Moroccan Mint Green Tea - 200g Box Loose Leaf Base

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A sealed box of the Moroccan green tea used to make the ubiquitous Moroccan Mint Tea. Does not include mint. Box designs may vary, but are always distinctly Moroccan and highly decorative.

To make the authentic Moroccan Mint tea, boil water and gently swirl over loose tea leaves in teapot. Add sugar (white, and lots of it if you're going for true Moroccan Mint Tea!), then take a bunch of fresh mint and add to teapot. Close teapot lid and let steep for 5-8 minutes.

To serve tea, take Moroccan tea glasses and carefully pour tea from great height to aerate and mix the sugar and mint. Take first glass and pour it back into the teapot. Repeat three times. On the third or fourth pour, make a grand show of pouring the tea and serve first to guests, then to self.

Details & Dimensions

200g loose Chinese Green Tea
Box designs may vary.