Large Moroccan Mosaic Tile Table - Islamic Zellige Home Decor

Large Moroccan Mosaic Tile Table - Islamic Zellige

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These Moroccan zellige tile tables feature beautiful designs handmade by native artisans. Each item is unique and one of a kind, with the design inspired by the Moroccan artisan. Tables are very sturdy, but not oppressively heavy, as they are made with resin rather than concrete to set the ceramic tile. Legs are wrought iron. Table shipped in three pieces for easy assembly. 

Our Moroccan mosaic furniture is perfect to use as outdoor or patio furniture, or indoors. It is very durable and well made, and adds an exotic Mediterranean feel to your home decor.  

Our big  round Moroccan mosaic tile tables are handmade by native artisans in Fes, Morocco. Morocco is renowned for its incredibly intricate tile work known as zellige, with hundreds of cut tile carefully placed in remarkably intricate designs. A small table can take one to two weeks to create, with larger and more complex work taking much longer. 

Custom made Moroccan mosaic tile tables are also available in many different colors, designs, sizes, and heights -- contact us for more details. We can even add a hole for an umbrella! Chairs also available upon request. 

Details & Dimensions

Dimensions 110 cm × 50 cm (43in x 20in)