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Pure Silver Antique Moroccan Fibula Brooch Set

Pure Silver Antique Moroccan Fibula Brooch Set

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Pair of handmade antique solid silver Moroccan Berber brooches from circa 18-19th century, a date based on our knowledge of the history of this item, but not certified. They are quite possibly even older. They feature both repousse and chasing, as well as intricate engraving. Impeccably preserved, they are in excellent condition. Tested as pure silver.

These brooches were sourced in the southern Morocco town of Amazraou, where Mohamed was given them by a very old relative, now deceased. According to this woman, the brooches belonged to her mother, who was given the brooches by her mother, and were passed on for many generations beforehand. The date is approximate, but it is based on Mohamed's familial knowledge and experience. These were also listed on the website for some time, where they have independent appraisers assess items prior to listing. That said, the item is not officially appraised or certified.

The brooches are known as Fibulae, and are used to attach the headscarf to clothing. In Berber culture, the indigenous culture of Morocco, the larger and more valuable the brooch, the higher the standing in the tribe.

Each brooch weighs 100g.

2cm thick
17cm long
7cm wide

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