Antique Moroccan Sandok Bridal Dowry Box Home Decor

Antique Moroccan Sandok Bridal Dowry Box

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This magnificent Moroccan treasure chest is called a Sandok. In traditional Moroccan Berber culture, the Sandok box is filled with jewelry and beautiful clothing and presented to the bride by her husband on their wedding day. This chest is entirely handmade and decorated with symbols that replicate common Berber tattoos like snakes and flowers, all meticulously hand-formed and hand-etched in silver melange, as well as antique coins. The traditional Hand of Fatima on the front is believed to bring good luck and protection, and the numerous camel-bone eyes and rivets are to protect from evil. Inlaid semi-precious gemstones include turquoise, malachite, and coral, as well as amber copal resin. The box itself is made of leather-covered aged tamarisk or salt cedar wood, which naturally repels pests.



62cm long x  41cm wide x 43cm tall




Zagora Artisan

Place of Origin

Zagora, Morocco




Excellent, with natural handmade variances.