Tagelmust Tuareg Indigo Blue Scarf - XL 14ft Light Wash Clothing & Shoes

XL Tuareg Blue Cotton Scarf - 14ft Light Wash Indigo Dye Long Tagelmust

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  • Extra Long Indigo Blue Tuareg Scarf - Light Blue with dark blue ends
  • Authentic handmade turban of the Sahara known as the Tagelmust
  • Over 14ft long
  • Sourced directly from Tuareg craftsmen
  • Cotton with all-natural dye

Extra long, hand-dyed indigo blue Tuareg scarves are the hallmark of the Tuareg tribes of the Sahara, known as the "Blue Men of the desert".

These Tuareg scarves are made of very light "hayati" (cotton) fabric, are hand dyed to show a darker color on each end. They are often worn in multi-layers to protect against sun and sand as the Tuareg people travel the Sahara desert.

For women and men. Very soft hand woven cotton that gets softer with every wash. The very long Tuareg scarf is worn on the head and around the neck. Also wonderful over the shoulders for warmth or as a light cover-up.

Details & Dimensions

approx. 170in long x 32in wide
Hand wash recommended
Handmade with natural variances

You can learn more interesting information about Tuareg clothing (including how to tie a tagelmust scarf!) on the scholarly website IMUHAR