Hand-Carved Moroccan Wood Front Door - Inlaid Bone, Vintage Hamsa, Gems, Shells Home Decor

Hand-Carved Moroccan Wood Front Door - Inlaid Bone, Vintage Hamsa, Gems, Shells

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This incredibly beautiful wooden door was handmade in a family Cooperative in the southern Moroccan town of Zagora. Hand carved from the fragrant wood of the Tamarisk tree harvested 100-200 years ago, this expertly crafted door has been refurbished in the traditional ornate Moroccan style.

The carving is extensive and very finely detailed. Included are shapes representing Islamic doorways, as well as many depictions of the evil eye, including a massive one in the top middle of the door. Adding to the door's beauty is extensive inlaid camel bone, often decorated using henna to permanently dye the bone. Inlaid in all the carved doorways are vintage silver melange Hamsa hands (with lizard and other inlay -- very rare!), cockle and whorl shells, antique keys, and turquoise, amazonite and coral gemstones.

Dark Moroccan silver rivets on the door are carefully placed, giving further protection from evil forces and adding even more to the exquisite beauty of the piece.

Tamarisk wood, also known as salt cedar, is naturally pest repellent and ages beautifully. The variances in grain and staining create a beautiful contrast and add a rich warmth.

This item was completely handmade in a Tuareg cooperative in Amazraou, Morocco, using techniques passed down through many generations. This particular door is collaboration between a father, the silversmith; and his son, the carpenter. These are truly the finest doors you will find in all of Morocco. Absolutely stunning and one of a kind.

Weighs about 40kg.

189cm tall (75in)
105cm wide (42in)
8cm thick (3in)

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