Vintage Judaica - Moroccan Jewish Silver & Brass Hanukah Menorah Wall Plaque Home Decor

Vintage Judaica - Moroccan Jewish Silver & Brass Hanukah Menorah Wall Plaque

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  • Authentic Vintage Moroccan Judaica Oil Menorah
  • Entirely Handmade Engraved Brass with Silver 
  • Diameter approx. 48cm (19in)
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An extremely unique Moroccan Jewish wall plaque with an oil menorah, a splendid piece of Moroccan Judaica. Possibly a mizrach from a synagogue, this incredible brass tray is heavily decorated with symbolic Jewish imagery in silver metal. 

In the center are two curved brass doors, hand-engraved with decorative beaded borders. Above this is a copper Star of David, with an oil spout for the menorah in the center. 

To each side of the star are raised cut-metal plant vine decorations. Open the doors and the Ten Commandments is in Hebrew writing underneath, all carefully created using repousse with punched metal embellishment. To both sides are large silver lions (for strength) and two fish (for abundance), in the center of which are the menorah oil ports. 

This Moroccan Jewish mizrach is entirely handmade, with all elements securely welded on. The item is brass with some light patina; all attached elements are silver metal. There is a large hook on the back to hang on the wall. Very large and heavy--a very impressive housewarming present or gift.

Discovered in an area called Ijoukak, this item is likely from the city of Taroudant, Morocco, where many Jews settled. It likely dates to the pre-1950s, but could be much older. Although the Jewish population in Morocco now dates only in the thousands, at one time there were significant numbers and numerous communities, with evidence of settlements as early as the fourth and fifth centuries. When the State of Israel was created, life got much harder for Jews in Morocco, and the vast majority migrated to other countries, leaving behind relics such as this.

Details & Dimensions

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Diameter approx. 48cm (19in)
Height 1.5in
Weighs about 7lbs 

All sales on Silver Sahara abide by fair trade principles, and benefit the native artisans to help ensure continuation of traditional craft techniques.

Handmade; please allow for minor imperfections. Please inquire with any questions or for more pictures. Item has been gently wiped clean with soft dry cloth to remove surface debris.