Vintage Moroccan Wool Berber Boujad Area Rug - Red Orange Black - Extra Large 6ft x 10ft Home Decor

Vintage Moroccan Wool Area Rug - Berber Boujad - Extra Large 6ft x 10ft Red Orange Black

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Add sophisticated elegance to your home with this vintage Moroccan rug. This vintage Moroccan Moroccan rug is a ruddy red and orange, with black to create contrast in the designs. The two long sides are bordered by black, white, and red checkerboard patterns, which is also used throughout the rug as a design element.

Common Moroccan motifs can be seen, including the eye (to protect from the evil eye), Moroccan mosque doors, traditional fibulae (a brooch used to attach a scarf to a garment) and sun shapes.

This rug is more than 50 years old and is being sold by the family of the weaver. There is some fading and wear, almost a dip-dye effect, which adds to the unique charm. A large rectangle, approx. 10ft long by 6ft wide. Sourced directly from a women's cooperative in Boujad, a small village near Beni Mellal in central Morocco

These rugs are some of the finest we have seen, with intricate patterns that provide endless delight and discovery. Made of thick hand-spun sheep wool, a medium-heavy weight rug. All natural dyes are used to create the colors. Handmade by native Moroccan Berber weavers. One of a kind.

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Measures 3m x 1m 85cm (118in x 33in)

All sales on Silver Sahara abide by fair trade principles, and benefit the native artisans to help ensure continuation of traditional craft techniques.

Handmade; please allow for minor imperfections and design variations. Please inquire with any questions or for more pictures.