c Yellow Vintage Moroccan Cactus Silk Rug - 3x5ft – Silver Sahara
Yellow Vintage Moroccan Cactus Silk Rug - 3x5ft

Yellow Vintage Moroccan Cactus Silk Rug - 3x5ft

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This soft yellow throw rug features authentic cactus silk tribal designs. The diamond shapes are indicative of the evil eye, with the rug offering protection from ill will. Lovely saffron shade. Sourced directly from a women's cooperative in Boujad, a small village near Beni Mellal in central Morocco.

Sabra silk, or cactus silk, is made of agave fibers spun to produce a durable silk with a natural sheen to it. The silks are hand-dyed using natural dyes. Set in 100% hand-dyed natural cotton. This rug was created prior to the 2000s. All natural dyes are used to create the colors. Handmade by native Moroccan Berber weavers. One of a kind.

All sales on Silver Sahara abide by fair trade principals, and benefit the native artisans to help ensure continuation of traditional craft techniques.

Handwoven; please allow for minor imperfections. Please inquire with any questions or for more pictures.

Ships free from Morocco via DHL

150cm long
100cm wide